The Brains Behind The Ink

Suzanne Fox, president, chief image officer
Since launching Publicity Ink, Suzanne has secured a roster of high-profile, high-tech clients including Humanics Publishing Group,, TechLINKS, Resident Interactive and VizMotion. As a founding creative staff member for two Atlanta-based ad agencies, Suzanne wrote copy and oversaw advertising and public relations strategies for clients such as Air Touch Paging, The March of Dimes, Geopiers, Buffalo's Cafe, Glamour Shots and Virtual Romance. An award-winning writer, she has written and co-directed more than 53 television spots and radio commercials. Prior to moving to Atlanta, she worked as an automotive copywriter for the IPI Ad Group in Los Angeles. She is also a master of finding her way into high-profile special events without tickets.

John Fox, buzz master
A Publicity Ink founder, John has been an award-winning journalist for ten years. He is the former managing editor and columnist for The Miami News-Record, The Selma Times-Journal and the Brewton Standard. He has won numerous Journalism Awards of Excellence from the Associated Press and State Press Associations for his columns on crime, racism, child abuse, marriage, politics and technology. He is also the editor of the News Messenger in Blacksburg, VA. John is an avid golfer and snow skier who feels he is really a garbage-man trapped in a writer's body.

John McHugh, bean counter
John McHugh is the former CPA financial manager for a worldwide financial services company. Currently, John manages portfolios, cash-flow projections, advises on equipment purchases, evaluates growth plans, executes decisions on corporate growth and conducts risk assessments. He currently manages over $1 billion in accounts receivables. In his role as the Bean Counter for Publicity Ink, he provides financial advice and periodic cash-flow evaluations, proformas, and investment strategies. A former tenant at the Mercer House in Savannah, John was reportedly featured in the book "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".

Sarah Banick, high-tech prose pro
Sarah Banick, has been a professional writer for 15 years. She has written brochures and other marketing materials for The Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, NIIT, The Logistics Institute, TechLINKS and Copeland + Hirthler. As one of the city'
s most in-demand tech writers, she puts a creative flair to all kinds of writing projects, ranging from newsletters, brochures, Web pages and videos to advertisements, direct-mail campaigns, speeches, and press releases. A journalism graduate of the University of Tennessee with a master of science degree from Georgia State University, Sarah was recently featured on CNN for her Y2-K experience in Greenwich, England.

Leslie Lightfoot, Graphic Guru
As the director of graphic arts, Leslie brings years of graphic design experience to the table. For the past 15 years, Ms. Lightfoot has been a layout artist, logo specialist, package designer and image consultant for a number of products and industries, from major airlines and food products to the circuit board circuit. She has also designed the covers of a number of award-winning national magazines. Her most noteworthy logo/brand designs can be found in most any specialty grocery store (see Oakhill Farms). Leslie has a bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of Georgia and is an admitted font fanatic. A former "Miss Cherry Blossom," from the Cherry Blossom and Possum Festival in Macon, Georgia, Leslie was recently featured on the now defunct FOX TV Show, "Who Wants To Marry A Multi-Millionaire."