We get the word out
Turning a successful start-up into a successful business means getting attention for your name. Publicity Ink is a new kind of public relations firm that is pro-active in generating positive news coverage for small and mid-sized companies. Publicity is the active pursuit of creating news for marketing purposes. We are a young company whose primary goal is to start the media momentum that influences the mind of the public and investors. Our business is about creating attention for your business, your technology, your product. We get people talking. We create the buzz. We get the word on the street.

The media creates news that satisfies the public interest. Today, the public is hungry for information on the latest, greatest, newest new thing. From the Wall Street Journal to Newsweek and Time, from Business 2.0 to Fortune, CNN to CNBC, from the Journal to the Times, we put you where you want to be. And where you need to be.

We get you ink
Getting your business started is your business. Getting the word out there is ours. Publicity Ink is a full service public relations company that specializes in promoting technology and start-up companies. Our mission is to get your company "ink" by getting you in the news. Getting more ink means a strategically designed communications effort that improves your credibility and your bottom line. We produce results-oriented PR for clients whose products and services are shaping the future. Our clients are established corporations as well as start-up companies in the infancy of their business.

We give you a voice
Our clients are as diverse as software companies and robotic manufacturers to best-selling book authors and publishers. Our clients are entrepreneurs whose works are reinventing the way we live, work, shop, eat, and play. Our experts have distinguished backgrounds in journalism, marketing and advertising. As a start-up company ourselves, we understand the importance of branding and mass communication. Our creative approach to public relations combines the best of journalistic and advertising writing with media relations. We are the voice of your company, a voice that the media recognizes and respects.


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